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Semmeal J. Thomas, Sr. Pastor
10/07/2012 11:16pm

Greetings: Handyman Ministries, in the name of the Lord!

On behalf of me and the entire City Covenant Church family, we thank God for you! Your generosity of giving during our ANNUAL EACH community outreach event means more than words can express. As I looked around at the overwhelming outpour of love, Malachi 3:10 came immediately to mind. The Word says that He will pour you out a blessing that you will not have room to receive.

Your presence and act of kindness were greatly appreciated and joyfully received by the entire Brightmoor community. Many personal acknowledgements of your generosity was spoken from the community and for many, the Word of God became manifested and many were blessed because of it. It touched the heart of God's people who believed God to do just what He said He would do...bring overflow of blessings to those who called upon His name. As children of the most High God, we understand that God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things!

Again, City Covenant Church extends a sincere thank you for giving of your time, talent, and treasure. We pray favor over your organization and offer ourselves to you in any way possible to further do the work of the Lord. Continue to be blessed to be a blessing. Proverbs 11:25 says the one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped. We look forward to ministering with you in the near future.

God's Blessings

Semmeal J. Thomas, Sr. Pastor

City Covenant Church

10/12/2012 5:19pm

Tim...Cliff...Brian...and all who came not just into my home but into my life i just wanted to say thank you its seems like such a small thing to say considering the impact you have made within our home. I'm so grateful for your help my bathroom was a very big burden i was unable to fix myself and i can't even begin to express the relief all of you offered my family. I have to be honest i was unsure how to feel with so many planning to come and go within my home but in a moment all my fears were removed and JOY filled the very atmosphere .there were so many who came and filled my home with love laughter and just a sense happiness i can't even express in depth because there are no words. but i just wanted to let u know in so many ways everyone gave so much more than just their time and so much more than just their knowledge everyone left apart of their heart at my door and within our home and thank you seems so little to say but know my heart is filled with gratefulness as i say thank you everytime i walk into my bathroom!! with much love and many blessing have a beautiful day .....daisy

The Darby Family
10/17/2012 6:44am

We are thanking God for allowing Handyman Ministries be able to help us with fixing our home for our family. Our house looks amazing since the work has been done by this ministry. God made away that we did not see coming and without this ministry, the work could not have been done.Our whole family would like to say THANK YOU for the work that has been done and for the time that was put into it. God bless this ministry so that they will be able to continue the work for many more families in need!


-The Darby Family


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